At Megajet we manufacture a large range of engine driven machinery, and are most commonly known for our ‘4-in-1’ workstations. Comprised of a welder, generator, air compressor and battery charger, both the Industrial and Ozy ‘4-in-1’ units have become one of our major manufacturing lines.

These machines are built in-house at our Brisbane factory, with the Ozy designed for use on the farm and the Industrial for use on mine sites. They are very popular and extremely useful on field service trucks and mobile workshop vehicles.

We also offer a range of Megajet generators and welder/generator combinations for rural use or industrial/mining applications where electrical compliance is paramount.

Our heavy duty cast iron truck and irrigation Pumps use high quality Italian manufactured GMP pump ends. Dust suppression trucks with multiple fans find the medium pressure and higher flows of these pump perfect for their specific application.

A popular option for the truck pump market (but available on all electric start engines) is the WRC (Wireless Remote Control) module for remote stop/start and throttle control. This accessory is particularly useful where operators are necessarily removed from the actual engine’s location (i.e. a truck driver with a pump on the back of the truck).

At Megajet, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and will work closely with you to create the best ‘4-in-1’ option to suit your needs.

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